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We are back!

I really wish I didn’t have to ever post a “we’re back” announcement on the Radiator Comics website, but here we are! After the whirlwind of a festival CAKE was in June, we almost immediately started packing our bags to move to sunny (and hot and humid) Miami, Florida! And just as we were unpacking our boxes, and getting Radiator back up and running, we had to load up our car, and head north to avoid the historic hurricane Irma! Miami and our tiny corner of it fared very well, and our thoughts are with people in Houston and especially Puerto Rico and other Caribbean Islands hit hard by hurricanes Harvey, Irma, José and Maria.

We are really happy to be back doing what we love to do, spreading the word about fantastic self-published comics like Isabella Rotman’s latest minicomic, Long Black Veil! Based on a folk song from the 60’s, Isabella has recruited singer/songwriter Jenny Owen Youngs to help put her own unique spin on the murder ballad. Of course it’s a great little nugget from Isabella, and it’s enhanced by an accompanying cover of the song by Jenny, which can be heard/seen on her website here.

The Small Press Expo was last weekend, which marked the start of a busy season for us! Continue reading

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Mid-week addition!


We’re back! We went on vacation to visit with family, and recharge our batteries! We returned to Chicago last night, so this morning we’re updating our catalog with a split minicomic by local favorites, Isabella Rotman and Mike Freiheit! Mike and Isabella look at how they treat cats and dogs respectively, and then ask us to extrapolate that to how women are often treated in our society. Pick up Bad Dog!! Good Kitty! today!

We’ll be back for our regular Tuesday update…on Tuesday with a brand new artist, who we’ve been fans of for YEEEEEEAAAAAARRRRRRSSSSSS. Check back next week to see who it is, and until then read yourself some comics!

Isabella Rotman

Self Exams for Folks Who Are Trans

Rad Remedy and Isabella Rotman have teamed up to provide health information specifically for people who are queer or trans, and the result is awesome! Dr. Rad’s Queer Health Show is a no-nonsense, easy to read zine all about staying as healthy as possible. Much like Isabella’s other informative zines, like You’re So Sexy When You Aren’t Transmitting STD’s, and Not on My Watch, Dr. Rad’s Queer Health Show is full of information that you will find useful, and is delivered in a way you will find enjoyable and effective!

You can download a digital version of this zine for FREE at http://zines.radremedy.org

Isabella Rotman

Not Cool, Man

It happens more frequently than I’d like to admit. I’m on my bicycle, and some guy in a car yells out to a woman on the street. It’s not an appropriate thing to say, it’s violent language disguised as something sexual or complimentary. I get really angry at the guy and want to say something, but I don’t. The guy drives off, the woman walks on, I ride away. Why didn’t I say something?! I feel powerless in the moment, guilty and embarrassed after the fact.

Combatting street harassment, sexual violence, and abuse is everyone’s responsibility. The more we are active in combatting even the seemingly most inconsequential objectifying language, the better it will be for everyone.
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Everything Quantizes No. 2.5

Let’s Talk Zines

No new comics this week, but we wanted to talk about a category of publication that’s near and dear to our hearts, but may be overlooked, as this is a comics distro…zines!

For those who may not know, a zine is a self-published periodical. It’s usually made by one or just a few people, who see the publication from the seed of an idea to putting it in people’s hands. In fact, the vast majority of the titles Radiator carries should be considered zines, minicomics are just a comic book version of a zine.

But we also carry 27 publications that are mostly words, with little or no sequential art, and we’d like to highlight them some of them!
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